The Art of Gift Giving | 5-Minute Friday

The Art of Gift Giving

How often do you give gifts to those you care about?

Maybe you only give gifts to build your business or build your personal network.

Numerous studies have shown that gift-giving benefits the giver much more than the receiver. Hence the saying, “The gift is for the giver.”

If you give something, just by the nature of giving it, you feel great. Gift-giving nourishes our souls and makes us feel better about ourselves.

Listen in to learn about the art of gift giving and why you should be doing it more often.

Key Takeaways

  • What is your superpower? (00:27)

  • The art of gift giving (01:08)

  • Two types of gifts (02:11)

  • How gifts make us feel better (03:24)

  • A good word goes a long way (07:20)