The Changing Face of Orthodontics w/ Dr. Jamie Reynolds

The Changing Face of Orthodontics w/ Dr. Jamie Reynolds

Today on the show, we have an orthodontist who wears many hats.

Dr. Jamie Reynolds is a great clinician with a genuine desire to provide the best care possible to all his patients.

He is also a co-founder of OrthoFi, a software and service solution for new patient onboarding, exam conversion, and financial processing & collections. In addition, he is one of the co-founders of Orthodontic Partners OSO.

He also lectures on the Damon System, advanced orthodontic technologies, soft-tissue lasers, and aligners.

He does all this while also growing his practice in Detroit, Michigan, which is currently at 4 locations.

In this episode, he shares his brilliant insights on many things happening in our profession and the role each one of us can play to define our collective future. 

But amidst all the changes and debates around things like OSO consolidation or competition from other quarters, one thing Dr. Reynolds believes will help our profession regardless of what model you are in is high-quality patient care and great customer experience.

All of us need to continue doing the right thing as best as we can and embracing change, not resisting it, regardless of what form that comes in.

Tune in to this episode as we look at the changing face of Orthodontics

Key Takeaways

  • Growing a multi-location practice (01:20)

  • What to look for in an associate (05:45)

  • Founding OrthoFi (11:01)

  • Orthodontics embracing their entrepreneurial side (14:51)

  • Co-founding Orthodontic Partners OSO (23:42)

  • Does the quality of care decrease with an OSO (28:31)

  • Embracing changes to grow (39:28)

  • Economic confirmation bias (44:08)