The Direct Print 3D Aligner Advantage in Orthodontics w/ Mike Gordon

The Direct Print 3D Aligner Advantage in Orthodontics w/ Mike Gordon

In this episode, I had Mike Gordon from 3DNA Dental to discuss the revolutionary impact of 3D printing technology in orthodontics.

With a background deeply rooted in IT, he sheds light on how 3D printing is transforming dental practices and shares insights on the latest advancements, particularly with direct print clear aligners.

Departing from traditional in-house aligners that involve multiple steps, including setting up a case, printing models, and post-processing, direct print aligners streamline the process significantly.

Mike provides insights into the cost per aligner, which ranges between $4 to $6 in material costs. Compared to the national average of $56 per aligner, the direct print technology presents significant cost savings for dental practices.

3DNA Dental provides comprehensive support and implementation services for dental practices venturing into 3D printing. The company’s primary focus is on real, ongoing support for in-clinic adoption, ensuring a seamless integration of 3D printing technologies to dramatically cut lab costs and improve patient service times.

Tune in to learn more!

Key Takeaways

– Intro (00:00)

– About Mike Gordon and 3DNA Dental (01:40)
Direct print 3D aligners (06:21)

– Key features of direct print clear aligners (10:47)

– Cost implications and material properties (14:30)

Diverse applications of 3D printing (18:12)

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