The Internal Practice Fix That Outperforms External Marketing

The Internal Practice Fix That Outperforms External Marketing

Attracting leads is just one-half of the equation when it comes to growing our practices. Converting these leads into paying customers requires a focus on patient experience from the very first phone call.

High staff turnover can pose a challenge to ensuring consistent communication in our offices.

In this episode, I am joined by Brian Wright, founder of New Patient Group and managing partner of WrightChat. Brian is an experienced entrepreneur and expert in customer experience. 

He explains the huge role of customer experience in driving practice growth and profitability. So much so that internal improvements often outweigh the benefits of external advertising.

Remote phone answering with a dedicated team focused on building rapport with new patients is one of the internal improvements that ensure a consistent patient experience.

But a positive experience goes beyond phone calls. Orthodontists should prioritize hospitality and clear communication to build trust and convert interest.

Take control of your patient experience and watch your practice thrive. Tune in to learn more and claim your discount.

Key Takeaways

  • Brian’s background and entrepreneurial journey (01:34)
  • Importance of patient experience in practice success (03:24)
  • Differentiating clinical skills from business skills (08:03)
  • Common objections to the work needed to grow a practice (14:12)
  • Overcoming biases and embracing innovation (20:16)
  • Costs vs investments in business (24:46)
  • WrightChat’s services and their impact on practices (28:11)
  • The importance of continuous learning and coaching (35:22)

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