The Key to Lasting Motivation and Peak Performance w/ Dr. Jason Jones

The Key to Lasting Motivation and Peak Performance w/ Dr. Jason Jones

Many leaders find themselves caught in a frustrating cycle, wanting to inspire their teams while simultaneously chasing high-performance goals. Striking the right balance between motivation and achievement can feel like an impossible feat. But what if the answer lies not in traditional management techniques but in the fascinating world of brain science?

Our latest podcast episode is all about this exciting new frontier of leadership, featuring Dr. Jason Jones, a renowned expert in organizational psychology and human performance enhancement.

He will also be speaking at the OrthoPreneurs Summit at Sea.

Dr. Jones emphasizes the crucial role of intrinsic motivation in driving team engagement and performance. Unlike traditional reward systems that offer external incentives, intrinsic motivation taps into individuals’ personal values and aspirations, creating a more sustainable and meaningful commitment to their work. 

By understanding the neuroscience behind motivation, leaders can cultivate an environment where employees feel connected to their work on a deeper level, leading to greater engagement and success.

Tune in and begin your journey of discovery and growth. Your transformation into a more effective, empathetic leader starts now!


Key Takeaways

– Intro (00:00)

– Importance of intrinsic motivation (05:44)

– Leadership and focus on process (12:04)

– Reward systems in the workplace. (17:24)

– Motivating team members through brain science (18:45)

– Enhancing team engagement (24:53)

– Brain and Behavior Science for Success (28:30)

– Strategies for personal and professional success (33:45)

– Overcoming resistance to change (40:11)


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