The Missing Piece in Your Orthodontic Practice

The Missing Piece in Your Orthodontic Practice

I’ve been getting way too many messages from orthodontists who are stuck financially, even after many years of practice.

One of the main reasons for this is lack of professional development. As fantastic as our profession, it’s also a business. We must invest in our professional development if we are to succeed.

Some people get stuck in the professional mindset, forgetting the business side. The best clinical skills in the world won’t pay the bills if you can’t run a profitable practice. That’s why I’m telling you, invest in yourself.

Take courses on leadership and management, go to meetings, visit other practices, and do anything you have to do. The bottom line is that you must invest in yourself.

Tune in and discover how to make meaningful changes that lead to a more profitable and fulfilling orthodontic practice.

Key Takeaways

  • Financial struggles of orthodontists (00:10)
  • Professional vs. business mindset (01:22)
  • Importance of investing in yourself (02:38)
  • Balancing family and professional growth (05:45)
  • Continuous education in management (08:11)

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