Greatest Hits: The ORIGINAL Dr. Krieger

Greatest Hits The ORIGINAL Dr. Krieger

As most of you probably know, before I went back to school to become an orthodontist, I practiced as a dentist for many years.

The truth is that I was exposed to dentistry when I was just 4 years old in my dad’s office – the original Dr. Krieger.

My father, Dr. Allan Krieger, is today’s guest.

He has been an inspiration to me my entire life. He has guided me in many ways, allowing me to achieve what I have today. I wouldn’t be here in my professional life were it not for him. He taught me much of what I know (and practice) to this day.

I am honored to interview him today to share his wealth of knowledge about dentistry and his experience from serving in the Army Dental Corps to lessons learned in private practice.

I hope you find it just as useful…and fun!

Let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways

  •  Meet the original Dr. Krieger (00:00)

  • The difference in dental training over different generations (05:26)
  • Lessons from serving in the Army Dental Corps (10:25)

  • Dr. Krieger’s advice for associateship (13:35)

  • What to look for in a partner (17:37)

  • The power of being in the right place at the right time (23:18)
  • A diamond crown story from back in the day (32:17)

  • Dr. Krieger’s advice for orthodontists just starting out (44:02)

  • 10 questions for dad (46:15)

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