The Road to Success in Ortho | 5-Minute Friday

The Road to Success in Ortho | 5-Minute Friday

Let’s call it out like it is…

Most of us in Ortho are great achievers. I meet all of you out there, and I’m so impressed and sometimes feel like I’m the dumbest person in the room. 

You were likely among the top students all through your classes, and that got you into this wonderful career.

In addition, many orthodontists speak multiple languages, play multiple instruments, practice martial arts, and many other things are going on. 

No doubt that you are an achiever.

Because of being an achiever, sometimes we fall into the trap of wanting things too quickly. We want a million dollar-practice in 6 months or an amazing culture in a month, or a full schedule of new patients next week. 

But I’m here to tell you that success in Ortho or in anything worth having is not glamorous. It’s not fast. But I will guarantee you that if you put your work in, amazing things will happen.

Tune in to this 5-minute episode to learn more of what it takes to succeed in Ortho.

Key Takeaways

  • Resident’s Summit details (00:30)

  • Success is not glamorous (02:03)

  • What’s your vision of success (05:17)

  • Develop a plan of what you want in life (05:33)