The Science-Backed Longevity Tips You Need to Try for Optimal Health (Part 1)

The Science-Backed Longevity Tips You Need to Try for Optimal Health (Part 1)

If you may recall, a number of episodes ago, I interviewed Dr. Jeff Galvin of the Vitality Medical Wellness Institute about longevity tips to optimize our health. 

We went into great detail on the limitations of modern medicine when it comes to optimizing health and some of the tools at our disposal in the burgeoning world of longevity and biohacking.

That episode elicited a lot of reactions and interest in some of the things we can do not only to live longer but live healthier and more productively.

My wife and I recently went to Charlotte, NC, for a full day of individualized testing and physical exams at Jeff’s clinic, and I used that opportunity to get many of the questions you’ve been asking answered.

We also dispel some myths and help you better understand some of the confusing things you might have come across.

This is a fascinating episode you don’t wanna miss!

Key Takeaways

  • Let’s talk about cholesterol (03:07)
  • How triglycerides are formed in the body (09:23)
  • 5 markers of metabolic syndrome (14:22)
  • Tools to help you lose weight (18:57)
  • DEXA body fat testing (26:59)
  • The two most impactful things on longevity (33:18)
  • Recipe for longevity (36:19)

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