Life Coaching For Orthodontists: The Secret To A More Profitable, Lower Stress Life w/ David King

Life Coaching For Orthodontists The Secret To A More Profitable, Lower Stress Life w David King

There seems to be something endemic in our profession right now….

And it’s serious.

If you speak to enough orthodontists, the overwhelming majority are not joyful in their day-to-day work.

The stresses of post-pandemic are forcing many of us to work shorthanded. A looming recession, rapid changes to our world, and the negative effect of social media on our mental health are just some of the reasons that have got us to this point.

These stresses, (despite the fact that to the outside world, you are a high achiever, you have checked all the boxes, and most people would want to trade spaces with you) leave you with no joy. You feel trapped in your practice. 

You keep wondering if things will ever get better or if you are just broken, which is a tough spot to be in.

Today I am joined by someone who knows this all too well. David King is a Life & Leadership Coach who works exclusively with Orthodontists. 

Orthopreneurs is all about helping orthodontists live the most profitable lowest, lowest stress lives, and my guest today is the kind of guy to help you do that. 

Tune in to this episode to learn more about how he can help you take better care of yourself.
(If you are one of those people who think you don’t need it, you probably need it the most.)

Key Takeaways

  • Meet David King – A life and leadership coach (00:40)
  • Why a majority of orthodontists are not happy (05:15)
  • Common warning signs that you need help (08:20)
  • If I could just…. (13:17)
  • Taking action in the direction of self-care (16:01)
  • True self-care is holistic (21:47)
  • Destroy those stories in your head (30:08)
  • Getting a routine that works for you (35:40)
  • Prepping the asset  (37:10)

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