The Silent Truth: What Your Dental Team Isn’t Telling You

The Silent Truth What Your Dental Team Isn't Telling You

As orthodontic practice owners, we understand the importance of a positive and productive work environment. However, we often overlook the hidden burdens our team members may be carrying, which can hinder their performance and job satisfaction.

During the recent AAO meeting, I had the pleasure of interacting with various dental team members about their experiences with remote monitoring.

One common issue was that they were overwhelmed.

This is something they will never tell you as the owner, but if removed from their plate, it can boost their motivation and productivity.

So your task is to initiate open and honest conversations with your team members on some of the tasks you could remove from their plates to boost their productivity.  You might find your star player desires a different role that could help your practice.

Tune in to learn more!

Key Takeaways

  • Team members may not be honest about their job satisfaction (00:43)
  • Ask your team what you can take off their plate (01:57)
  • Don’t waste your best talent on tasks that can be outsourced (02:32)
  • Outsourcing can be a valuable tool (03:22)
  • Prioritize optimizing your current team (05:23)

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