The Smallest Act is Better Than the Greatest Intention

How many times have you thought of a great idea for your patients, practice or family? I’m not talking about where to hold the Christmas party or what color shirts you all should wear. I’m talking about THAT idea. You know, the one that you saw at that lecture about that thing that could change your practice or your life.
Think back, and try to remember the most recent amazing idea you had. Now ask yourself if you implemented it.  If you didn’t, don’t fret because most folks don’t implement their greatest ideas either. But here’s the thing: If you have an amazing idea and implement it, your life could change. Your practice could take off.
Some people have exceptional minds and can think of amazing new ideas all day long. I mean, think of the inventor of ice cream or the first guy who thought it would be a great idea to cook a lobster. But the difference between the most successful business owners and the average person isn’t the number of great ideas, but rather, the number of great ideas we act upon.
Maybe you’re scared of the risk of trying new things or maybe you’re having trouble implementing them because of your busy life. I get it. But I’m just here to remind you that the greatest idea, unimplemented, is useless.
Here’s an amazing article in Forbes magazine and I hope some of the ideas in it will help you.  12 Things to Help You Implement Your Ideas
Keep in mind that “taking action” also means helping your fellow man. Sometimes, we all just need a little help and like the title of this post, the smallest act is way, way more important than that intention that goes unfulfilled.
So, go out there and act on your ideas. Change the world. Be charitable. Help change your profession and your practice, and remember, I’m always here for you if you need me.  🙂
All the best,
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