The Smile Doctors Private Equity Transaction And What It Means For All Of Us

The Orthopreneurs Podcast

The OSO world is often mysterious to many orthodontists, mainly due to the misinformation and emotions associated with it.

Matters are not helped by the fact that the private equity world is still not well understood by those outside of it.

Smile Doctors recently went through a private equity transaction, but many people don’t know what that means or really how it affects them as a potential partner or simply an orthodontist.

In this episode, we had a chance to sit down with J. Hedrick, the CEO of Smile Doctors, and ask him for some information to make the whole OSO world a little clearer.

In addition, we chat about the two critical questions that every orthodontist should ask before joining an OSO. These two will determine if the OSO will make your practice better or not.

Join us today as we dive deep into the world of OSOs and DSOs and discuss the role of private equity in orthodontics.

Key Takeaways

  • Hedrick’s journey to becoming Smile Doctors CEO (02:38)
  • Smile Doctors’ core vision (06:20)
  • The two questions every orthodontist should ask before joining a DSO (08:55)
  • Do you have to rebrand when you join a DSO (12:53)
  • The power of a network of doctors (17:19)
  • What private equity is all about (21:03)
  • What private equity events mean (26:59)

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