The Wyrick Outlook – The Dynamic Sister Duo Transforming Orthodontics

The Wyrick Outlook - The Dynamic Sister Duo Transforming Orthodontics

Today’s spotlight is on the trailblazing innovators of orthodontic consulting and remote billing – Wyrick Outlook.

Founded in 2018 by the dynamic sibling duo Megan and B Wyrick, this powerhouse has swiftly earned its status as a trusted name in orthodontics.

Little did they know their shared dream at the age of 16 would evolve into a game-changing consulting firm dedicated to making a difference across multiple orthodontic offices.

Initially focusing on coaching insurance coordinators, Wyrick Outlook has expanded its portfolio to include orthodontic assisting courses.

In response to the staffing challenges many practices are grappling with after the pandemic, they astutely introduced remote services, notably remote billing, proving to be a lifeline for practices navigating the uncertainties of team members not returning to the office.

Tune in as we delve into the inspiring story behind their success, the diverse services they offer, and the compelling vision propelling them forward.

Key Takeaways

– Intro (00:00)

– The Genesis of The Wyrick Outlook (02:22)

-A unique approach to consulting (04:50)

-Remote billing services (06:54)

-Outsourcing billing and financial coordination (13:58)

-The future of orthodontics is outsourcing (19:03)

-Common mistakes when hiring a financial coordinator (24:17)

-Financial embezzlement in dental practices (28:37)

-Orthodontic assisting and scheduling course (33:50)


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