This Is How You Become A Better Orthodontist w/ Dr. Jeff Lee

This Is How You Become A Better Orthodontist w Dr. Jeff Lee

Today on the show, we have one of the warmest, nicest people in our profession. Dr. Jeff Lee has this genuine desire to help others who might need his help and also do well by his patients. 

He wants to see our profession move in the right direction, and surely, he is playing his role in achieving this. 

In this episode, he shares his journey of becoming an orthodontist. Initially, he wanted to be an endodontist, but all this changed in the third year of dental school when an ex-marine tried to punch his face midway through a root canal procedure. Crazy story there…

He went on to Seton Hill for residency and, upon graduating, realized how much more he still needed to learn to become a better orthodontist.

Tune in to this episode as Dr. Jeff Lee shares his story, with some important lessons young orthodontists and even older ones can take from it.

Key Takeaways

  • How Dr. Lee became an orthodontist (00:59)

  • How to be a better orthodontist after residency (08:19)

  • Why we all need CE (10:42)

  • Dealing with self-doubt as a clinician (18:23)

  • Do your best – make the patient happy (21:36)

  • The role of social media in treatment (25:51)

  • The Kardashian effect on orthodontics (27:45)

  • Advice for new practice buyers (30:35)