This Is Why We're Here Together

I’ve never been prouder to be an orthodontist than I am today, and it has nothing to do with straightening teeth.
While I was in synagogue yesterday morning, I had a friend ask me about Orthopreneurs and what the group was about. This guy is one of Ross Perot’s top advisors, an attorney who has worked with some the largest corporations and individuals in the business world, and I felt that a comparatively small Facebook group of orthodontists wasn’t anything too big to brag about. But then I explained how a young orthodontist saw his Houston practice completely flood only one day after purchasing it and he reached out for help in our group. I told him about how a colleague (Brian Anderson) set up a GoFundMe account and we’ve raised $50,000 to help our colleague.
This attorney, who has been involved in billion dollar deals, smiled from ear to ear and said it was one of the greatest stories he’d ever heard about social media creating a support community and how something that didn’t exist even 5 years ago could have such an impact on the world today.
It became clear to me the power we have as a collaborative group to make our lives better. Sure, we can share practice and clinical tips in Facebook groups, but the real strength of our community is just that-community. I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I feel so comforted knowing that we have thousands of online colleagues who we can mobilize instantly to help when needed.
Irrespective of how you feel about organized dentistry or community groups, we have proof that together, we can help our peers faster and with greater capacity than almost any other organization out there.
And best of all, it became clear that we are more than just names in a Facebook feed. As I scrolled down the list of names who contributed to the GoFundMe campaign, I recognized nearly every one of them. I haven’t personally met most of you, but I felt like I knew you all. We share many common goals and visions and can help each other in so many ways, but in tragedies and to help each other reach new heights in our practice and personal lives.
I have lots of friends offline and a great community that centers around my faith, but after the events of this weekend, I feel so secure and happy knowing that I also have a group of trusted peers that is looking out for one another like nobody else can.
Let’s resolve to continue helping others, to recruit our peers into our groups so that they can be a part of our communities and to make sure we see each other from time to time so that we can see the lives, hopes and dreams behind the name on a Facebook feed.
If you know any orthodontist affected by the recent events in Houston, please have them reach out to me and we can find them help.
Wishing you an amazing day,
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