Tips for Building a Strong Team Culture From the World’s Fittest Orthodontist

Tips for Building a Strong Team Culture From the Worlds Fittest Orthodontist

Today on the OrthoPreneurs Show, I have the pleasure of interviewing the amazing Dr. Jacob Koch.

He practices in Atlanta, Georgia, and also lives there with his family.

Dr. Koch is a fitness enthusiast and competes in fitness competitions. He is so ripped he looks like the Terminator.

Having been an overweight kid all through his childhood, he shares some cool fitness tips he has picked along the way, from losing excess weight to competing in fitness competitions. One secret he shares is how to find time to work out from a busy schedule.

But we also talk about orthodontic stuff.

Dr. Koch has a two-location practice with about 30 team members. He shares tips on building a strong culture and stamping out office drama.

As a doctor, setting up an organizational hierarchy and putting people in charge of things will set you free and allow you to focus on just being the doctor. But you also need to let go of the need to be in control of every detail in your office.

Tune in to this episode and hear us talk about fitness office culture, training an associate, and much more exciting stuff.

Key Takeaways

  • How Dr. Jacob Koch became an orthodontist (01:49)

  • The efficiency of a home gym (14:31)

  • Don’t break the chain (17:24)

  • Macros saved my life (25:05)

  • How to stamp out office drama (34:51)

  • Setting up an organizational hierarchy to free your time (37:09)

  • Internal (warm) referrals from your team (40:56)

  • Finding balance in life (41:49)

  • How to have a good relationship with an associate (44:34)

  • Why you need to systematize the way you do ortho (47:15)