Tips to Hire the Right Director of Operations for Your Practice

Tips to Hire the Right Director of Operations for Your Practice

The success of an orthodontic practice often hinges on the careful orchestration of clinical expertise and effective business management.

While the orthodontist focuses on delivering great ortho and providing overall leadership and vision, there’s often a behind-the-scenes hero who ensures the practice runs smoothly – the Director of Operations.

In this episode, we are joined by Nicole Pruitt, the Director of Operations at Boschken Orthodontics. She has been instrumental in the practice’s success and shares what it takes to deliver on this role.

Nicole’s partnership with Dr. Boschken highlights the significance of having a trusted individual by your side in your practice. Dr. Boschken often credits Nicole as a key factor in the practice’s success and emphasizes her role as his “better half” when discussing the practice’s achievements.

Nicole’s career path may not have followed a traditional route to orthodontic management.

She started her professional journey in sales before joining Boschken Orthodontics in 2011 as a Treatment Coordinator and eventually rose to her current role.

Nicole’s sales background has proven to be a valuable asset in her role. She has brought the principles of sales, customer service, and effective communication into the practice. This also dispels the myth that you need someone with a formal business school background, such as an MBA, for this role.

Tune in to learn more about how finding the right Director of Operations is worth any challenges you might face during the search!  

* Key Takeaways

  • Nicole’s background and entry into orthodontics (00:59)
  • Qualities of a successful director of operations (05:10)
  • Importance of having a right-hand person (07:04)
  • The visionary and leadership role of an Orthodontist (17:02)
  • Biggest mistakes in hiring director of operations (26:19)
  • The feedback fix (32:22)
  • Nicole’s favorite part of her job (35:08)

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