Top Orthodontic Freebies Your Patients Will Love

Top Orthodontic Freebies Your Patients Will Love

Orthodontic swag has traditionally consisted of generic toothbrushes or lip balm, the predictable pen, and the flimsy tote bag. These are all useful items, but they lack the “wow” factor.

Our patients expect more. They crave that jaw-dropping experience more than the products themselves.

That’s where themed swag boxes come in, offering a unique opportunity for orthodontists to level up their patient experience and build lasting brand loyalty.

In this episode, Randy Pulitzer from Swag Headquarters shares some strategies on how to make your promotional products work for you. He will also be speaking and sharing even more strategies at the OP Summit at Sea 2024.

Randy, a lawyer turned swag expert, shares tips on avoiding “brand fill”— these are cheap items that end up in the trash and offer no marketing value.

The right promotional items that maximize impressions don’t have to break the bank. Simple strategies such as kitting will enhance brand visibility greatly. High-quality, customizable items often outperform name brands in terms of customer engagement.

From trendy mugs to effective pens, this episode covers it all. Tune in for Randy’s expert advice on making the most out of your marketing budget.

Key Takeaways

  • Randy’s background and transition to swag (02:20)
  • Importance of avoiding brand fill (05:15)
  • Cost per impression and its significance (10:35)
  • Quality vs. name brand items (17:53)
  • Concept of kitting and its benefits (35:01)
  • Bundling items to convey a cohesive brand message (38:59)

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