5-Minute Fridays – Top Tips for Improving Your Dental Patient Case Acceptance Rate

The Orthopreneurs Podcast

Most orthodontist practice offices have not optimized their new patient process to increase their patient acceptance conversation rate. 

 They just put ads out there, new patients call in, TC gets their name and insurance info and books an appointment, and that’s it. 

 The truth of the matter is you can be doing way more to help drive your new patient case acceptance conversion in a really distinctive and measured way.

 In this episode, I take you through the A-Z of the new patient process and how to optimize it for better acceptance rates, including how to do a trial close!

 Tune in!

 Key points discussed:

  • How does your new patient process look like (00:43)
  • How to improve dental patient case acceptance rate (01:25)
  • The A-Z of answering new patients phone calls (01:51)
  • Why and how to do a trial close (02:40)
  • What is a good acceptance rate (03:54)

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