Venture Capital in The Dental Industry and How to Get Involved w/ Jeremy Krell of Revere Partners

Venture Capital in The Dental Industry and How to Get Involved w Jeremy Krell of Revere Partners

Most of you must have heard about private equity in our industry with the OSO/DSO model. But today, you’ll get to hear about venture capital in dentistry and what it’s all about.

I am joined by Dr. Jeremy Krell, the co-founder and managing partner at Revere Partners.

He is a general dentist by clinical training with multiple practices in New Jersey, where he is a silent partner but no longer does clinical work.

His strength is in business. He is a dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur with multiple successful businesses he started and grew to multimillion-dollar buyouts.

He is here to talk about the only independent venture capital fund in the oral health industry.

In a nutshell, Revere Partners identify opportunities for their investors and provides capital to startups in the oral health space. 

The capital and guidance help these startups in their early growth stages before they reach a point where they can be acquired. This, in turn, creates a lot of wealth for the investors.

Being a doctor who understands the dentistry industry, Jeremy says that Revere Partners was created by doctors for doctors. The model is much simpler than other VCs to help dentists, orthodontists, and other people in this space who are looking for investment opportunities.

If you are looking for investment opportunities in our industry or just want to learn more, this will excite you.

Make sure to check it out!

Key Takeaways

  • Meet Dr. Jeremy Krell, Managing Partner at Revere Partners (01:51)
  • All about dental VC funding (04:47)
  • Venture Capital Vs. Private Equity (11:23)
  • How dentists/orthodontists can get into venture capital investing (14:51)
  • How venture capital works (17:56)
  • Why the dental industry is excellent for investing (24:27)
  • Learn more about Revere Partners (30:13)

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