4 Ways to Grow Your Practice and Reduce Your Stress | Special Episode

Special Episode 1202 release

Now more than ever, we need simpler, more profitable, predictable, and less stressful practices. That has been my whole mission and that of OrthoPreneurs.

Today’s special episode is a presentation I did on the 4 ways to grow your practice and reduce your stress right now.

  • More starts
  • Better clinical images
  • Positive team culture
  • Fewer errors

To have more starts, we need to be deliberate in the way we sell. I know that this topic has been more of a taboo in our profession. We are worried about being ‘salesy,’ yet we sell every day.

We are always selling to our patients when we present care. In fact, there are only two positions in every office. You are either in sales or supporting sales, albeit in different positions. If you are not directly in the sales process, you are supporting the sale.

But there is a science to the whole sales process…

Tune in to this fascinating presentation to learn about these 4 ways to grow your practice and reduce stress.

Key Takeaways

  • Dr. Krieger’s story (02:47)
  • The four ways to grow your practice (15:50)
  • More starts – what the data tells us (16:46)
  • Conducting a trial close (24:10)
  • Digital co-diagnosis (39:40)
  • A more positive team culture – this is who to hire (48:15)
  • Fewer errors – How to reduce your errors for lower stress (53:22)
  • Learning zone versus the performance zone (1:00:36)

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