We're a Community of Mentors

If you were there for my recent lecture at the MKS forum, you heard me speak about the importance of finding a mentor. I feel it’s essential for both professional and personal growth. However, many younger docs have told me that they’re working for great doctors who are teaching them a lot and they feel like they’re “drinking from the fire hose”.
Having a great clinician to learn from is awesome, but keep in mind that no single person knows everything. It’s important to keep in mind that some clinicians are amazing at business, while others are great at the clinical outcomes and yet other are amazing managers. Moreover, some understand technology, while others can teach you valuable life lessons. Very few are amazing at all of the aforementioned areas, and that’s why it’s important to be a part of different communities where you’ll get all of that.
I had a mentor in my dad, who was a dentist and multiple business owner (and a great and trusted friend). Then I found someone who was a phenomenal clinician. When I moved to Seattle, I found great operators and one who was a ridiculously successful business owner and leader. In short, I sought out those who could help me become a complete clinician.
Nowadays, with Facebook groups, one need only click on a few posts to learn so much and see those clinicians who could become great mentors. Get involved, ask a lot of questions and jump into discussions that interest you.
Most of all, YOU have a lot to offer, no matter where you are in your clinical career. If you saw my MKS presentation, you heard me use the quote: “In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.” It illustrates the fact that we all have something to give and no matter what you think you know, you can help others who may not have experienced what you’ve experienced.
We are a community of givers and takers and its up to us to help our brothers and sisters while learning from each other. Go out and find someone to help you in your career and and give back at every possible opportunity.
Wishing you an amazing day,
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