Episode 58: Five Minute Friday – We’re not Gonna Take It

The Orthopreneurs Podcast

These are crazy times, and if I said to you 6 weeks ago that we would see governors of states mandating that dentists and orthodontists would have to shut their practices down for 3 months (or longer) you’d have called me crazy.

But it’s happening and when we said “I’ll close for two to three weeks and see what happens” for the common good, did we realize that for many of our peers, this would turn into a REAL financial struggle with no defined end?

Probably not.

Our rights as orthodontists and small businesses are being usurped, and while we do need to do what’s “right” to some extent, the reality of a depression-not a recession- looms because of impulsive, hastily made designs by those in governments all around the country.