Episode 1: Dr. Douglas Shaw – What Makes a Successful Partnership?

Two business partners are walking into a bar; one is a Mormon, and the other is a Jew… 

It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, and we can imagine it’s ending with any kind of a business disaster… Or anything but a success story. Except it’s not a joke, but a sound partnership I’ve been in for years.

Yes, this is the story about my business with my partner Dr. Douglas Shaw, who was the guest on the very first episode of the Orthopreneurs Podcast back in 2018.

Actually, that is one of our greatest hits, which we’ll feature from the archives once a month. 

So this month, we’re revisiting our seminal episode and examining our roots and the elements of a successful partnership.

Tune in for one of our true gems and find out:

  • How to grow a new practice
  • Is it possible to have a partner but not work with them
  • How to balance family & work lives
  • How to manage student debt
  • What makes a partnership successful 

Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Welcome to the first episode of the Orthopreneurs Podcast (00:00)

  • Partners who don’t work together (02:04)

  • When partnerships fall apart (06:32)

  • The background of a successful partnership (08:36)

  • The benefits of practicing in separate practices but having a partnership? (20:33)

  • The secret of family-practice balancing (28:52)

  • If you don’t have a supportive spouse/wife/partner, it wouldn’t work (35:03)

  • I wish I had known this about orthodontics before I went to dental school (36:41)

  • Startup vs. buying an existing practice (40:09)

  • Competitiveness among dentists (45:12)

  • What is Dr. Shaw struggling with in practice right now? (46:11)

  • Paying for dental school (50:13)

  • 10 quick questions (59:10)

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