What’s Holding You Back? | 5-Minute Friday

What's Holding You Back

I have some simple questions for you today….

Is there something you want to have in your life right now? What’s holding you back?

You guessed it… it’s YOU.

There’s absolutely nothing, without any excuses, that should stand between you and whatever you want in life.

It might be something in your practice, a hobby, spending more time with your kids, going back to school, more free time, lower stress…I mean, the list is endless.

What are you waiting for to implement something that gets you closer to your dreams, something that makes you happier? What’s more important that makes you wait?

Listen to this 5 Minute episode for one secret I have learned over the years to get things done!

Key Takeaways

  • Defining what you want (00:35)

  • What are you waiting for? (01:10)

  • What’s holding you back? (03:12)

  • Do those difficult things you’ve been putting off (04:42)

  • The only person standing in the way is you (05:57)