What’s Your OTHER Career? | 5-Minute Friday

Whats your other Career

Have you taken some time to think about your other career?

Numerous studies show that millennials, who form the bulk of orthodontists today, are not wired to stick to one career throughout their lifetime.

That means you’ll most likely want to change your career at some point. You may want to transition to being more of a teacher, using your wisdom to collate information and giving in to others. 

If you only focus on being a better and better clinician, it might lead to a more miserable end-of-life existence.

No matter what age you are right now, you need to start giving some thought to what else you love doing as it will inform your next career. 

Tune in to this 5-Minute Friday to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  • Fluid intelligence vs. crystallized intelligence (00:34)

  • What else do you love doing (02:06)

  • You may find yourself wanting to get out of orthodontics (03:05)

  • If you only focus on becoming a better clinician, you will be unhappy later (04:54)