You Entitled Little Punk! w/ Dr. Sheldon Salins

You Entitled Little Punk! w Dr. Sheldon Salins

If you have ever received a 1-star Google or Yelp review, chances are that you got so mad at it and even considered how you could possibly remove it.

Joining me today on the OrthoPreneur Podcast is Dr. Sheldon Salins. He practices in the Bay Area of California.

He shares his Orthodontic Journey and his experience hiring his office staff in the location he practices. You can only imagine how tough it can get with the competition for people from the tech companies which seem to have unlimited money.

But other than this, we talk about online reviews. Dr. Salins will be one of our amazing speakers at the upcoming OrthoPreneurs Summit in September.

He gives us a sneak peek of his presentation on the potential of online reviews to boost your revenues. Online reviews can become your most significant referral system when done right.

However, you’ll occasionally get that angry one-star review from a disgruntled patient. Actually, not having all 5-star reviews is a good thing!

Tune in to learn why and the correct way to go about asking for reviews.

Key Takeaways

  • Dr. Salins’ journey to becoming an orthodontist (00:57)

  • The hiring situation in California (08:03)

  • How Gen Z spending habits affect your practice (14:53)

  • Using LightForce customized bracket system (16:31)

  • Take a break from your practice (21:16)

  • How to create time for yourself (28:17)

  • How OrthoPreneurs Summit has changed Ortho meetings (36:09)