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I once had the privilege to listen to a presentation given by the late Captain Denny Fitch. You may know him because he is a co-holder of a dubious world record: Longest sustained flight of an aircraft without flight controls.
On July 19th, 1989, Flight 232 from Denver lost all flight controls and hydraulics shortly after takeoff and the heroic efforts of Denny Fitch and the other pilots saved 184 passengers. You’ve probably seen the video of the plane cartwheeling into a cornfield outside Sioux City, Iowa

184 people survived this crash because of the attitude of the crew

Here’s a link to a great movie about the crash and how they managed to even get close to landing the flight near the Sioux City Airport.
How did they survive in such a bleak situation? According to Captain Fitch, it was because of one idea: “Attitude affects altitude”. In other words, when things go poorly, the outlook will determine how long the plane stays in the air.
The same is true for our practices. Things won’t always go well. There are ups and downs. But a positive outlook will help your practice grow. Do NOT undervalue the importance of strong, positive leadership on the growth of your practice and the attitude of your team.
It’s easy to get down when someone calls in sick or the phone isn’t ringing enough with new patients. I’ve been swayed by negativity. But everyday, I make a few promises to myself:
-I will be a positive influence on those around me
-I will not react emotionally
-I will be patient with my teammates
The impact on my practice has been enormous. We’ve grown at an amazing rate, patients tell us they want to apply for a job working with us, and my team is thrilled with the office culture.
Being positive at all times-even when bad things happen-is simply a healthier way to travel through the day, but your bottom line will be positively affected by your amazing attitude.
If you’re not a naturally upbeat person, then “fake it till you make it” as the old saying goes. I promise you that it’s way nicer to go through the day with a  smile, rather than a frown or scowl.
So, the next time your assistant informs you that a case isn’t back in time, or a mom needs to talk to you about your comments regarding her perfect child’s amazing rubber band wear, take a deep breath and keep Captain Fitch’s message in mind.
Your attitude WILL affect the altitude of your practice and impact the trajectory of growth.
Wishing you all the best!!!
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