Advanced Airway Interventions You Don’t Learn In Ortho School!

Advanced Airway Interventions You Don't Learn In Ortho School!

If you are in the Orthopreneurs Facebook group, you must have seen my posts a couple of weeks ago getting a sleep study done.

It wasn’t fun having more than 25 leads on me, but I wanted to experience what my patients go through when I send them for sleep-disordered breathing analysis.

Also, I have a bit of trouble sleeping and started snoring more in my late 40s and early 50s.

As I weigh my options for my dysfunctional airway and sleep problems, including surgery, I thought you’d be interested in a rare combined Ortho/Surgical lecture with Dr. Rebecca Bockow and Dr. Michael J. Gunson at the OrthoPreneur University.

We’ve invited Dr. Bockow and Dr. Gunson to provide a next-level look into advanced airway interventions you don’t learn in ortho school.

Listen in to learn more about this course and why you shouldn’t miss it.

Key Takeaways 

  • My sleep study results (00:35)
  • Airway sleep-disordered breathing treatment options (02:02)
  • Is there a non-pathologic snorer? (04:26)
  • Treating mild sleep apnea patients (05:04)
  • Upcoming Airway Interventions course (07:00)

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