Boost Your Practice’s Social Media Content Creation with These Ideas | Brooke Bruneman

Boost Your Practice Social Media Content Creation with These Ideas Brooke Bruneman

When Brooke Bruneman came into my life as a dental assistant, she shared her ambitious dream of attending dental school one day. She felt nervous sharing this because some practices won’t hire somebody and train them, only for them to leave soon after.

But I firmly believe that you should hire that special person even when you know they might leave eventually because they will leave your practice stronger.

Brooke is one of these special people.

Part of the reason why I didn’t care that she’d be with us for a short period of time was because she had worked at a very interesting company: the Walt Disney Company in Orlando, Florida, at Magic Kingdom.

In this episode, we look at some of the lessons from a customer experience perspective from Disney that apply to orthodontics, including some important hiring tips.

Brooke is now at Woody L. Hunt School of Dental Medicine but continues to play an essential role in the success of my office.

She manages our social media content creation strategy and has helped get a few videos viral.

Tune in to hear her story and some useful social media tips you can apply in your practice. 

* Key Takeaways

  • Meet Brooke Bruneman (00:32)
  • Lessons from Disney to Ortho (07:19)
  • Do not hire solely for skills (11:46)
  • How Brooke manages our social media while at school (16:15)
  • Trends and social content creation strategies (22:06)
  • Social media management tips for an ortho practice (29:40)

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