Does DentalMonitoring Technology Undermine The Orthodontic World?

Does DentalMonitoring Technology Undermine The Orthodontic World?

In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Sophie Acker. She is the VP of Global Product Management and Business Intelligence at DentalMonitoring.

Sophie is originally from France before she moved to Holland to work for DentalMonitoring. She is a trained clinician who worked as a pediatric dentist before going back to business school and never went back to practicing.

DentalMonitoring offers innovative solutions to orthodontists and dentists to assist with remote check-ups. We recently started using them here at our practice to increase efficiency.

However, one concern I’ve heard from some people in the orthodontic world is that DentalMonitoring technology threatens our profession. 

But Sophie clarifies this concern by assuring us that their systems and products are made with orthodontists in mind. DentalMonitoring gives doctors the flexibility to apply their own protocols within the system.

DentalMonitoring products are made by doctors for doctors” Dr. Sophie Acker

Besides Orthodontics, another passion that Sophie and I share and speak about at great length in this episode is women in the workplace. As difficult as it is to believe, there exists a glass ceiling that limits women from reaching executive positions in the industry.

Sophie shares some tips on how all of us can play our part in making opportunities available to all without any form of discrimination.

Tune in to hear more from Sophie and what they are doing at DentalMonitoring.

Key Takeaways

  • Meet Dr. Sophie Acker, VP at DentalMonitoring (02:33)
  • Role of orthodontists at dental companies (06:27)
  • Cool products at DentalMonitoring (11:35)
  • Catering to a younger generation of orthodontists (13:28)
  • Can DentalMonitoring products undermine orthodontists (16:45)
  • Women in the workplace (19:38)

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