Greatest Hits: Dr. Heather Hopkins – Is the Future of Orthodontics What You Think It Is?

Greatest Hits Dr. Heather Hopkins – Is the Future of Orthodontics What You Think It Is

Lots of people make predictions, but Dr. Heather Hopkins has been predicting things for years… and they actually come true.

Dr. Heather Hopkins is an orthodontic innovator & educator who practices at Palmetto Smiles in Lexington, SC, a multi-specialty practice.

In this Greatest Hits Series episode, we revisit an interview from 2019, where Heather shared her insights into trends and developments shaping the field of orthodontics.

One of the key issues we discussed is the growing importance of multi-specialty practices and consolidation in the dental industry.

Heather pointed out that the average orthodontic office with one to three locations and one doctor is something that is going to disappear over time.

This prediction often rubs people the wrong way, but it will make sense once you hear her explain, and we’ve actually seen it happen.

Are you prepared for future developments in our profession?

Listen in as we discuss things like multi-specialty practice, Invisalign and at-home aligners, customized treatment, office culture, digital workflow, and much more.

Key Takeaways

  • The future of the orthodontics profession (03:59)
  • Rapid change of technology in orthodontics (07:52)
  • The evolution of 3D printing in orthodontics (11:59)
  • Customized orthodontic treatment (22:41)
  • Consumer vs. patient (29:36)
  • Be true to who you are when determining your practice culture (33:09)
  • Mindfulness and vulnerability (41:43)
  • Digital workflow systems (51:28) 

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