Greatest Hits: Dr. Luis Carriere “Nothing Is Impossible”

Greatest Hits Dr. Luis Carriere Nothing Is Impossible

In orthodontics, the name Dr. Luis Carriere is synonymous with innovation, clinical expertise, and a commitment to advancing the field.

You may have heard of Dr. Carriere in connection with the groundbreaking Carriere Motion Class II and Class III corrector, but he is much more than an inventor. He’s a master clinician, a true gentleman, and a second-generation orthodontist carrying forward the legacy of his renowned father.

In this Greatest Hits Series, we revisit a popular episode where he graciously shared his insights into different clinical aspects of orthodontics.

One of the highlights of our discussion is the pivotal role of the tongue in malocclusions and overall oral health. The improper positioning of the tongue during functions like swallowing, chewing, and speaking can contribute to malocclusions and open bites.

Dr. Carriere emphasizes the significance of guiding patients to reposition their tongues correctly. Understanding and addressing the tongue’s role in orthodontics is essential not only for achieving long-term stability but also for preventing relapse.

Tune in to learn from one of the leading experts in our profession!

* Key Takeaways

  • Meet the world-renowned Dr. Luis Carriere (01:19)
  • Difference between practicing in Spain and the USA (06:58)
  • What we must do as a profession to educate our patients (10:08)
  • The Motion Appliance (17:39)
  • The 5 components of Class II correction (19:39)
  • TMJ disorders and mandible position (25:58)
  • Orthodontic treatment and tongue positioning (34:26)

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