How Dr. Bob Skopek Doubled His Revenue Despite Going From 15 To 3 Team Members

How Dr. Bob Skopek Doubled His Revenue Despite Going From 15 To 3 Team Members

In this episode, I am joined by one of the POWERHOUSES of the orthodontic practice, Dr. Bob Skopek.

He has practiced orthodontics for over 20 years in North Barrington, Illinois. His practice focuses on customer experience, exceptional clinical care, and business efficiency.

Talking of efficiency, he transitioned from a practice of 15 team members and 11 chairs to 3 team members and 3 chairs.

And guess what happened to his revenue after the transition….. it DOUBLED.

This is HUGE from an efficiency perspective, but how did he achieve this?

He credits a few things…

  • Learning to move teeth with plastic – (he is a top 1% Invisalign provider)

  • Remote monitoring through DentalMonitoring App

  • OrthoFi to do the heavy lifting (insurance and patient processing & collection, finance, follow up with patients, etc.)

  • Transitioning to an almost text-only office with the help of the Rhinogram App

This is a value-packed episode for anybody trying to be more efficient in their practice.

Key Takeaways

  • Meet Dr. Bob Skopek (01:38)

  • Doing great technical Ortho (08:06)

  • From 15 team members to 3 and doubling revenue (13:11)

  • Clear aligner orthodontic efficiency (14:46)

  • Remote monitoring to decrease office time (18:01)

  • How OrthoFi has helped Skopek orthodontics be more efficient (21:45)

  • Transitioning from a phone call to a texting office (26:38)

  • Remote new patient exams (29:54)

  • Running a practice entirely on technology (31:45)

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