Mastering the Art of Clinical Orthodontics, Business, and Life with Dr. Chad Foster

Mastering the Art of Clinical Orthodontics, Business, and Life with Dr. Chad Foster

What does it take to succeed in a competitive orthodontic market? My guest this week has firsthand experience and lessons that any doctor will find valuable.

I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Chad Foster, a highly respected orthodontist known for his clinical excellence, business acumen, and refreshing candor. He practices in Phoenix, AZ, and is the Editor of Orthotown.

At the heart of our discussion is the role of embracing uncomfortable situations. Dr. Foster shares his personal experience of starting a practice in a competitive market, the initial doubts that plagued him, and how confronting these fears head-on led to unexpected growth and success.

We also highlight the importance of feedback, critique, and continuous learning in achieving clinical excellence and professional fulfillment.

We also talk about the impact of social media platforms on both professional and personal lives. While some of the platforms provide a unique opportunity to learn, share cases, and get feedback, they can also expose the less savory side of people.

Tune in this episode for this and more with Dr. Chad Foster!


Key Takeaways

– Intro (00:00)

– Growing an orthodontic practice in a competitive market (01:30)

– Uncomfortable conversations in dentistry (05:17)

– Maintaining passion in orthodontics over time (09:52)

– Balancing clinical orthodontics with business management (14:08)

– The role of KOLs in the orthodontics (18:32)

– How Chad got involved with Orthotown and became the Editor (27:34)

– Social media, self-care, and parenting (36:14)

– Resilience and gratitude in our profession (43:11)


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