Orthopreneurs Summit 2023: Behind the Scenes w/ Mike Vidikan

Orthopreneurs Summit 2023 Behind the Scenes w Mike Vidikan

In this episode, I sit down with Mike Vidikan, the OrthoPreneurs Director and integrator, to gain insight into what goes on behind the scenes of hosting the OrthoPreneurs Summit and what goes into running a successful meeting.

If you’ve ever attended the OrthoPreneurs Summit, taken a class at OrthoPreneurs University, or are a member of the RD group, you can thank Mike for making it happen.

Before joining OrthoPreneurs, Mike Vidikan had a fascinating career. He spent several years running a consultancy, where he helped large corporations monitor technology and consumer trends.

Organizing conferences is no small feat. It involves careful planning, dealing with unexpected challenges, and providing an unforgettable experience for attendees.

In this podcast, Mike and I take you on a backstage tour of what it takes to organize these conferences, what happens behind the scenes, and how Mike got involved in the world of orthodontics.

For 2024, we have organized a cruise where the summit will take place and lots of fun. One significant advantage of a cruise is the all-inclusive nature of a cruise, from food to registration, making life easier for both organizers and attendees.

Tune in for insights and behind-the-scenes stories on what it takes to organize OrthoPreneurs Summit!

Key Takeaways

– Mike’s background in technology and futurism (00:00)

– How OrthoPreneurs was born (02:15)

– Challenges setting up the first summit (07:03)

– The number of people who attended the 2023 summit (16:22)

– Behind-the-scenes planning tasks (17:12)

– The advantage of holding a summit at sea (23:54)

– What’s in store for the cruise (30:38)

– The vision for the OrthoPreneurs community (38:16)

– Technology in Orthodontics (41:30) Additional Resources

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