The Secret to Wealth No Orthodontic School Taught You

The Secret to Wealth No Orthodontic School Taught You

In this five-minute episode, I share two vital lessons I’ve learned about money and earning as an orthodontist (or any dental professional).

These lessons came from valued mentors and highlight ways to rethink your finances for greater potential.

As my mentor bluntly put it, we earn our money when our [behind]’s are in the chair.

This means that our primary income comes from actively seeing patients.

If you want to increase your earning power, you might consider expanding clinical hours, hiring associates to delegate some of the clinical load, or even opening additional practice locations to increase revenue streams.

But to create wealth, you need to shift your money mindset where you start viewing money as a tool to generate even more money.

The sooner you achieve financial freedom to pursue other passions or simply enjoy a very comfortable life, the more you will enjoy it.

Tune in to learn how you can start making your money work for you by changing your perspective on wealth!


Key Takeaways

– Intro (00:00)

– Importance of mentorship (00:34)

– Earning as an orthodontist tied to physical presence (01:39)

– Perspectives on money (02:54)

– Investments for long-term wealth (04:09)

– Strategic financial planning (05:14)


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