Top Five Mistakes When Giving Feedback w/ Joe Hirsch

Top Five Mistakes When Giving Feedback w/ Joe Hirsch

Giving feedback can feel like stepping into a minefield. You have good intentions, but you’re worried about causing hurt feelings, defensiveness, or even disengagement.

What if there was a better way to turn feedback into opportunities for growth and genuine connection?

The art of constructive feedback is increasingly becoming an important skill for attracting and retaining talent. Joe Hirsch, author of The Feedback Fix, returns for the second time on the podcast to share a compelling strategy for flipping the script and making feedback a valuable tool.

We discussed common pitfalls in how we approach feedback and how those mistakes can actually hold our teams back.

Joe introduced a great framework for having constructive, growth-focused conversations that strengthen relationships and build trust.

If you’re ready to create a workplace where feedback is welcomed and fuels success, you won’t want to miss this episode.

Joe Hirsch shares advice that will transform the way you approach feedback. Stay tuned to learn more!

Key Takeaways

  • Intro (00:00)
  • Feedback vs. feedforward (04:35)
  • Feedback focusing on empowerment and relationship-building (08:13)
  • Critique of traditional feedback methods (11:01)
  • Benefits of timely feedback (16:36)
  • Why feedback fails in various contexts (17:12)
  • Giving constructive feedback to improve future outcomes (22:45)
  • Effective communication techniques for positive feedback (27:09)

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