Top HR Tips for Orthodontic Practices w/ Alan Twigg

Top HR Tips for Orthodontic Practices w Alan Twigg

If you ask many orthodontists, HR is one of the more challenging aspects of running a practice. The pandemic-induced staff shortages didn’t help matters either.

As a matter of fact, the shortage of good team members poses a true existential crisis to the survival of orthodontics long term.

Retaining good team members is even more important, as well as maintaining a conducive workplace.

But keeping up with the ever-changing HR landscape, state laws, and the constant threat of a lawsuit from a disgruntled former employee is not easy.

In this episode, I am joined by Alan Twigg of Bent Ericksen & Associates, who provide an array of HR and employment compliance products, services, and materials to help any employer achieve a fully functioning and compliant HR department.

We discuss a wide array of HR issues that can arise in an orthodontic practice or any other workplace and how best to protect yourself as an employer.

The last thing you want is to be compelled to defend yourself against a lawsuit, meritless or otherwise.

As you’ll be hearing, you can never do too much documentation when it comes to HR. This is what will save you if any accusation is raised.

Besides the legal stuff, we also need to appreciate our team. A culture of appreciation goes a long way in showing your team that you care about them.

Tune in to hear from the HR expert and hopefully learn something that will help you manage your HR better.

Key Takeaways

  • Who are Bent Ericksen & Associates (00:36)
  • Biggest changes in the HR landscape over the last years (04:26)
  • Biggest challenges employers face (04:38)
  • Sue your boss law and such crazy labor laws (07:43)
  • Types of labor lawsuits employers face (10:30)
  • How to protect yourself as an employer from meritless lawsuits (24:21)
  • Developing an Anti-harassment policy (29:48)
  • Best practices for hiring and retaining good team members (40:03)
  • What’s your unique employment proposition? (43:01)
  • The 5 love languages of appreciation in the workplace (43:59)

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