Navigate By the Stars, Not Other Ships.

There’s an old quote from the last 5 star US General, Omar Bradley:” We must navigate by the stars, not the light of every passing ship.” Back in 1999, when I was practicing in Seattle, I used to see a ton of 23 year old Microsoft or other tech wunderkinds pull up in their Ferraris […]

  • March 16, 2017

You MUST Let That Employee Go

According to a 2011 survey in the Huffington Post, nearly  half of business owners believe that one of their employees should be fired “right now.”  Dentists are no different, and like our other business counterparts, most clinicians hate the idea of having to let an employee go. We put it off for as long as we can and […]

  • March 13, 2017

Not All Patients Are Created Equal

Last night, I held the first virtual book club I’ve ever been a part of. Me and 23 of my close friends from the Orthopreneurs Facebook group got together and discussed Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hr Work Week and brainstormed ways to use ideas from the book to make our practices better. Though many were clearly […]

  • March 10, 2017

Don't Skimp On This One Investment

Let’s be honest, as clinicians we love to spend money on the newest, latest or greatest tool touted to make our practices succeed. Sometimes they work out as planned and sometimes they don’t. My practice’s proverbial closet is crammed full of ideas and investments that may or may not have worked out over the years. […]

  • March 9, 2017

The Solvency Account a.k.a. "How I learned To Sleep At Night"

On our Orthopreneurs FB group, someone asked how much one should have in cash reserves for our orthodontic practices. It’s a fair question, right? Someone said 3 months, which seems to be a fair amount. The real answer is whatever you need to sleep at night knowing that no matter what happens, you’ve got it […]

Think Abundance…and Grow!!!

Every day, we’re faced with decisions about what to do with our businesses. Do we hire more team members to help with what feels like an influx of patients or do we try to max capacity the team we have? Do we use that better lab which costs more or do we try to “make […]

  • March 7, 2017

Build Bridges To Grow Your Practice

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”-SunTzu, The Art of War It’s kind of funny to have a picture of a Disney princess and a quote by Sun Tzu, but both have relevance to today’s post. Our Orthopreneurs Facebook group is over 1000 members strong at the time of me writing this […]

  • March 6, 2017

How to refer patients out to GROW YOUR PRACTICE

Hello everyone, and happy Friday!!! Yesterday there was a spirited discussion on our Orthopreneurs FB page about the concept of referrals with NSD (non-specialist dentists). One of the points that was brought up was about why I referred out to a specific NSD when he may not have been a great guy. I explained that I […]

  • March 3, 2017

Emotions and Practice

I had a post yesterday on Orthopreneurs Facebook page that involved a local GP who wanted to convert one of the referred new patients I sent to him into a veneer case and never even discussed it with me. It sparked a lot of emotion on our Facebook page. Answers varied from “I’d never refer to […]

  • March 2, 2017

Welcome to OrthoPreneurs

The idea of this blog is to create a place where I can bring many of the thoughts that rattle around my head related to orthodontics and the running of our businesses.

  • January 6, 2017
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